Golden Words?

I have just come across a very interesting news item, I said while I was reading the day’s news.

What’s that? asked  my daughter Preethi without looking up from the  novel she was reading.

It  appears  a study was conducted in the U.S. to find out why some people procrastinate and it was proved that impatient people tend to do so,  I said.

Preethi suddenly started laughing and said, why do they have to conduct a study to prove something that is an established fact? A   useless exercise and a waste of money,  she added.

Yes, I think what you say is true, I concurred.

Who ever conducted  the study  could have spent their energy and resources on something more useful, she  said.

Like   what? I asked   to kindle her imagination.

Preethi closed the novel and thought hard. Ah, I ‘ve   got it, she exclaimed. I think it would be apt to do some research   on why values are  deteriorating  and gun culture is increasing,  she  suggested.

A very   good   idea indeed, but  don’t you think it doesn’t pertain to any one part of the world but  it is becoming a universal phenomena  like   Global warming? I    observed. 

You are right mummy. The media seems to be  full of it, agreed Preethi.

Coming to think of it, I feel  the media is partly responsible , highlighting  all the wrong things and sensationalism seems to be the name of the game , I  observed fully aware of her reaction. 

Suddenly becoming  defensive she said,  Come on mummy, you can’t  hold the  media responsible  for the criminal activities  of some deranged persons,  (I wasn’t surprised at her loyalty  towards her fraternity) .

 By the way, I  remember something  that I have read recently, it was an American author’s  advise on how to be happy. 

 Did he advise us to read his book on the subject?  Preeti   mocked.

No, Even I thought he would say that, but  his words surprised  me, I said.   “Speak the Truth” was his advice.  

Golden words indeed !   but  he must be a  nitwit  to think that  happiness and Truth  go together! Preeti quipped.    


n.meera raghavendra rao 


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