Continue the U.S. way of life

Could you find any change in your U.S. returned cousin? asked my husband  soon after I  returned   home  from paying a visit  to my cousin who had returned from the U.S. a few days ago.

Well, yes and what transformation, especially at his age! It was  unbelievable, I   said.

You mean to say your cousin has  developed an American  accent and  began wearing  shorts like everyone else who have  been to the U.S.  no matter  however brief their stay had been in that country? said he full of sarcasm  as was usual with him.

No, nothing like that  and you can’t expect a person to talk like an American in just two months time, can you?  I  observed.

Probably you are right. Then what was the  transformation you have observed?  he asked  sounding curious.

I  noticed  there  was a complete reversal of roles   being  practiced   in their house.

Your  cousin has retired from service, hasn’t he? My husband wanted to know.    

Well yes, but he has got a new job now, I replied.

Where and with whom? He appeared  interested.

In his own house. He seems to have  completely taken over the day’s cooking  and washing  from his wife.

What!  exclaimed my husband shocked. I don’t  remember your cousin ever had any  prowess in culinary  art. I am sure  dish washing  would be the last thing  he would ever wish to do in his life,  quipped my husband.

Everything comes  with a price , doesn’t it?  It’s the price he is paying for not  taking  his wife  along with him to the U.S. It  appears  his wife  insisted that  he continue to engage himself the same way as he did during his stay with  their  son and daughter-in-law in the U.S.!


N.Meera Raghavendra Rao


3 thoughts on “Continue the U.S. way of life

  1. V Raghavan

    Being a research student for several years abroad, especially in U.K., helps moulding a person. Hating the bland English food, sooner or later, he learns to cook and dish wash and thus makes an excellent catch as a husband!

  2. Karthik Nandagiri

    Truly speaking some types of house work are really relaxing after hectic days of work. I love cooking , i enjoy cooking with light music and is very relaxing, and finally food tastes really good. Apart from all this some rest to mom

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