To adopt or not?

How many heads have rolled this time during your tête-à-tête, said my husband, as soon as I returned from my Coffee Morning.

You seem to think we only gossip, I retorted not too pleased at his assumption.

Then what was the topic of your conversation? Is it something that would interest me, he asked.

Well, it was very thought-provoking and we discussed the issue threadbare, I said.

What was the issue? I hope you didn’t convert something trivial, blowing it up out of proportion and making it an issue, he observed.

See, again you are jumping to conclusions, which, as usual with you men, is wrong, I accused.

O.K, why don’t you tell me what was the issue and its pros and cons you seem to have discussed, he asked appearing interested.

Well, the issue was the problems arising due to adoption, I said.

Oh yes, I remember your friend is a child counselor. Anyway, what did she have to say about adoption? Was She for or against it, he said.

Well, it’s for the couple to decide after weighing the pros and cons, she had said in the end.

Everyone knows that, you don’t need a professional like her to say that, do you? he said.

I know that but when I heard the cases she related  when she took me into confidence, I was quite shocked, I  said.

What was so shocking, he asked and I could see that he wanted to probe.

It appears some couples are regretting their decision because the “children” they have adopted have turned into rifrafs  or have proved to be avaricious, in spite of their best efforts to bring them up in a disciplined manner. They now feel helpless because they can’t return them to the adoption centres even if they want to, I said.

But “I” have decided to adopt, I announced.

Noticing my assertiveness, my husband asked anxiously, “What? You are prepared to take the risk even after hearing so much about the negative side of adopted children?

No, there is no risk at all, because I am going to adopt a pet, I said laying his fears at rest.

n.meera raghavendra rao


3 thoughts on “To adopt or not?

  1. post script
    My neighbour adopted one and her troubles began with the puppy falling sick for which she had to import medicines from the U.S.which cost her a fortune. But it was of no avail. One has to be lucky with pets as well!

  2. V Raghavan

    My d-i-l’s brother has a number of cats in his house. One of them belongs to a Muslim neighbor and comes only for breakfast. Gopal has named the cat Usman! I wonder what name it has got in the owner’s house. Why don’t you adopt a part time pet?!

  3. Your relative reminds me of my cousin in Bangalore who has two children and a host of pets–half a dozen cats and an equal number of dogs which are friendly to each other.They enjoy all the luxuries and comforts of life- sitting on sofas and sleeping on beds in air conditioned rooms.They all vie with each other for our attention when we happen to visit her.
    Probably Usman loves a south Indian breakfast,hence the visit. Gopal can name him Chandu or Subbu befitting its fondness for south Indian food.
    No thanks for your suggestion.

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