The truth about lying

You seem to be thinking very seriously about something, observed my husband noticing my expression.

Yes, you are right, I said.

At least for once, he stated.

You know, I have just discovered that lying is also a subject in which one could specialise, I said.

What makes you think so, he asked looking perplexed.

I am shocked at the way some people lie to your face without batting an eyelid, I said.

Well, what’s so surprising about that, you can’t always tell the truth, can you?

May be, but I feel lying is also a skill which people like me find difficult to master. Anyway I would like to do some research on “The Truth about Lying”, I said.

When are you going to begin your research? Are you looking for a guide? He asked appearing amused at the idea.

Aye, I am serious. Yes I am going to engage a guide because I have noticed there are different kinds of lies and liars in this world, I would like to do some study before coming to a conclusion.

How are you going to choose your sample, remember you are treading on thin ice because it is a very sensitive subject, warned my husband. 

Thanks for your advice, I shall bear it in mind, I said. 

How are you going to classify your sample? he wanted to know.

Oh, that’s quite easy you see, I said.

The sample will comprise at least half a dozen categories of liars – such as: Casual liars, Occasional liars, Habitual liars, Perpetual liars, Consummate liars and Blatant liars. I think the list is exhaustive, don’t you think so? I said. 

My husband thought for a while. I think you have left out something very important, he observed.

What’s that? I asked.

Have you ever wondered as to who are the better liars – between men and women? he queried.

I nodded my head.

The answer is simple. As it is said there is a woman behind the success of every man, there is a woman behind every compulsive liar, he averred. 

What are you getting at? I said not understanding what he meant.

What I said is very clear. If you still want to go on with your research, the guide is ready, he said.

N Meera Raghavendra Rao


























3 thoughts on “The truth about lying

  1. Prof. V.N.K.Kumar

    …..”There is a woman behind every compulsive liar ”

    This could be understood in atleast 2 ways. One, the woman has taught the basic skills of lying credibly, plausibly and convincingly to the man. Second, it is because of the illicit relationship between that woman and the man, that the man is constrained to tell lies to his wife about his whereabouts at a particular time.

    That being said, your skit was amusing.

  2. meera rao

    I would look at at this way—The woman behind every compulsive liar could be 1.his/her mother who brings up the child and winks instead of wincing or correcting the lies the child indulges in and 2.his dominating wife who is given to lying blatantly with a straight face which makes him a compulsive liar to fall in line with her.I Have come across such specimens.

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