Sky Auto

How are we going to Bangalore aunty, asked my nephew who was all excited to visit the city (it was his first visit).

Well, we’ll take a flight so that we will save on time and will be able to look around the city, I said.

No aunty, not by plane, let’s go by train please, he entreated
But why do you want to travel by train, Karthik, I said.
Because I heard so much about the Brindavan Express and the lovely things we get to eat on the train, he said.

But you do get something similar served on flights too, don’t you? I said.
No, aunty, it’s not the same because we have no choice on flights since we have to eat what is served, he mumbled.

I could see the young boy’s point but for me time was a constraint as I had to return to Chennai for an engagement the same evening.

As I was browsing the net for booking our tickets suddenly an idea struck me and I said, Karthik, if that’s the reason for taking the train, I could suggest something that will please both of us.

O.K. aunty, was his half-hearted reply.

We reached the airport well in advance and I was glad when the flight was announced, more so because the airline had a reputation of being cancelled suddenly due to a technical snag. Karthik was happy when the air hostess told him he could sit wherever he liked and that he need not adhere to the seat numbers.

Half-way through the flight the food trolley was wheeled in and I noticed Karthik’s delight when he knew his favourite sandwiches and burgers were part of the menu apart from the various soft drinks. He insisted on treating me with his pocket money. Biting into the vegetable burger he was saying yumy so loudly that the stock of burgers got cleared within minutes! Soon he polished off the large sandwich with a bottle of fruit juice.
Once out of the airport, Karthik wished to travel by an auto to our destination saying it was more adventurous to do so. Since I didn’t want to disappoint him I took a prepaid auto and we bundled ourselves into it.
When we reached our destination I asked Karthik whether he enjoyed the trip.

Yes aunty, I enjoyed a lot. The ‘Sky auto’ and the ‘Land auto’were wonderful.
Sky or land, as for me, it did make a difference I thought,as I was able to save a considerable sum on the airfare and at the same time please my nephew and also be back for my engagement in Chennai.

N Meera Raghavendra Rao


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