The Lullaby

The lullaby Lighter Side of Life


I have decided to pursue my hobby, declared my husband no sooner than he returned from the business school he worked in.

What hobby are you talking about? As far as I know you don’t have any hobby excepting teaching and researching, I said.

This is the trouble with all wives. They don’t encourage their husbands to indulge in pastimes. They expect them to do their bidding all the time, muttered my husband.

That’s not fair. I have never prevented you or stopped you from doing whatever interested you, have I?

Well, let’s forget the past. I am beginning my music lessons from tomorrow, he informed.

What, I gasped. Are you serious? Don’t you know one needs to have a good voice to sing? How can you ever think of learning music with a baritone voice like yours, I said all in one breath.

I knew you would say that. And I regret not having learnt earlier. If I had started a few years ago, by now I would have been giving performances in all the reputed sabhas in the city, he said sounding very confident of himself.

But what made you get this brainwave, I asked still not able to believe his resolve.

You know the motivation has come from the most unexpected source. I never imagined that Jessie could inspire me to such an extent and that I would be able to decide so fast.

Who is this Jessie, I said becoming curious.

She makes it a point to attend my class every day, in fact she doesn’t attend anyone else’s class for that matter. The moment I begin my lecture she stares at me fondly and goes off to sleep. Her siesta lasts as long as I am lecturing and once I stop she walks out quietly without disturbing anyone. It only shows how much she likes listening to my voice, said he with pride.

Do the others in the class also join the canine, I said tongue-in-cheek.

Then, you better begin your music lessons with a lullaby, I suggested even before he could get the full import of my words.

N. Meera Raghavendra Rao


3 thoughts on “The Lullaby

  1. V.R.

    During a test I was conducting in the class, I noticed that one of my married students, who was pregnant, kept rubbing her side. After class, before she left, I asked her, “Are you okay? I noticed you were holding onto your side.”

    “Oh, I’m fine,” she answered. “It’s just that my baby was pushing his foot up and down my ribs, and it hurt a little.”

    “Well, that’s good,” I said, feeling relieved.

    “Yeah,” she continued. “It’s strange. He normally sleeps during your class.”

    1. Prof.V.N.K.Kumar

      I used to conduct, in my previous incarnation, workshops for 3 to 6 days for companies like L&T, Voltas, Blue star, Siemens, HAL, ONGC, ABB and several others in a beautiful place called Colonel Leslie Sawhny center at Devlali Army cantonment, near Nashik. Each day we had sessions from 9 am to 5 pm.

      Brownie would take his place under one of the tables in the front row and keep looking at me while I did my acrobatics as a lecturer. After 7 years of this behaviour, when I went there to conduct another programme for I think Asian Paints Senior managers, I didn’t see Brownie in his usual place. After the first session when participants went out for tea & snacks, I made enquiries and found to my dismay that Brownie was no more. It seems he was by then 17 years old, That is like 100 human years for an Alsatian.

      He was my admirer for so long, never getting bored of my stale jokes that I took him for a cheer leader, egging me on to do a good job. I missed him very much thereafter.

  2. meera rao

    Sometimes canines inspire lecturers more than students do .The irony is the former may not understand what is being said and the latter are not inclined to either listen or understand .

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