A bride for my son

A bride for my son Lighter Side of Life

How is the response to the advertisement, asked my husband who had placed an advertisement for a bride for our son.

Not too encouraging, I’m afraid, I said rather disappointed at the poor response we had in the past few weeks.

We shouldn’t have asked for a software professional, I said. Nowadays, girls want to come out of their graveyard shifts and work during the day, I said.

But you forget that there is a lot of money in it. You have to choose between making a fast buck and a comfortable life, he said.

I know, but Karthik is refusing to change his mind. He says he wants to get married only to a software professional even if it means spending less time with each other, I said.

But I thought a newly married couple needs time to understand each other. How can they do so when they are hardly together, said my husband.

But Karthik is sure he will make time for her and he thinks what is important is quality time spent. There is no arguing with him, I said. He says he is very progressive and far ahead of his times.

What makes him think he is, said my husband.

He says he wants to be a House Husband! The words sounded strange even to my ears.

N. Meera Raghavendra Rao


3 thoughts on “A bride for my son

  1. Hey! that sounds familiar. Even I wanted to be one. Well today, after having quit my job as a news editor of a newsportal I am almost there. I hope you would understand that role reversal is the name of the game. I wish I also learned a little bit of cooking in my younger days to be completely qualified to be a house husband.

  2. Suresh

    Karthik beware!
    You are asking for “double trouble” viz., the responsibility of managing the house and also having to face the music of the Boss at….
    I too had a similar view regarding ‘quality time’ but I now realise that it was not a very wise option.
    (Distraught) Home-maker.

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