Where are you off to? said my husband seeing me hurrying out of the house.
Shopping, I said.
For what?
Don’t you know the whole city is agog with Shilpa Shetty’s wedding to Raj Kundra?
What has that got to do with your shopping? he asked appearing quite surprised.
Well, everything. Don’t ask me any more questions because I have to buy them a wedding gift, I said, and rushed out after making sure that I was carrying my credit card.
I decided to window shop before finalising my gift to the celebrity couple.
I stepped inside the Lifestyle store to check out their range of handbags and curios. The prices were exorbitant and I had no mind to spend a fortune on a wedding gift, that too for someone who herself possessed perhaps a fortune running into millions!
My next stop was HomeLife which stocked a number of household items including attractive kitchenware. Going through the display I felt the lady was unlikely to show her prowess in culinary art as she might have better things to do.
My third stop was a popular book store. I found myself browsing through more than a dozen of them on varied subjects. How am I to know whether Shilpa was interested in reading, I wondered to myself. Just then a particular title caught my eye. It read, ‘How to be a better actress’, and I immediately picked it up and was delighted at my choice of a gift to the celebrity.
Suddenly, I heard my husband say, Aye sleepy head, get up, otherwise we will be late for the muhurtham of Pavithra.
Not SHILPA? I murmured.

N Meera Raghavendra Rao


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