YES BOSS, You are Right as Always

Why do you look so worried?  Has it been a bad day at office? I asked noticing my husband’s pallor even as we were having dinner.

Well, well, every day appears to be a bad day, the way things are going on , he rued looking very preoccupied.

Have there been any earthshaking changes in your office? I said.

Yes, a major one, he said.

Which has seemed to upset you, I  observed.

Probably you are right, he agreed.

Do you have a new Boss? I asked directly.

Yes, he chuckled with a grave expression.

Finding it difficult to adjust ? I prompted.

Very, was his monosyllabic answer.

I have a solution to your problem, just say Yes boss, you are right as always  to whatever he says, even if  he comes out with  a  most stupid idea.  I am sure you can appease his ego and things will be made easier for you, I suggested.

Don’t think I  haven’t tried  this approach,  he literally shot back . Nothing works if the boss is temperamental, eccentric, cantankerous and self opinionated, he reeled off all the adjectives he knew to describe his boss.

But, I remember  you saying  your ex boss also was one such and you both got along very well despite all his shortcomings, I reminded him.   

Now you don’t have to remind me what I said before. The situation is different, tell me is it possible to survive  if  you  have to face two  bosses of the same gender, one at office and the other at….he left the sentence unfinished.

n.meera raghavendra rao


One thought on “YES BOSS, You are Right as Always

  1. Suresh

    Quite understand the predicament of Mr. Rao.
    A sense of relief though as I have now learnt that it is a common affliction that we poor husbands have to contend with.

    I have the permission of by my Boss at …. to express my view. Doubt if I will ever get another approval.

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