What is in a name?

Whose head will roll in your column this time? asked my husband even as I was hammering  away  the keys  on my computer.

Don’t  annoy me any further because I am already very  upset, I said  without  taking  my eyes off the computer.

Aye, I can make out that you are but want to know who has provoked you this time? he asked sarcastically. Also I don’t think people provoke you without  a reason. Perhaps they had a very valid one, he asserted (it was usual of him to support  those  who  disagreed with  me).

I knew you would say that   as is your habit. I am sure anyone would be upset if their name is distorted, don’t they? I  said  still feeling  furious  about  the  way  the caller  addressed me.

Of course, they will be, he agreed. But who has distorted your name? Was your byline   spelt wrongly? he asked   seriously.

No, worse than that. This was   a caller from the bank. When I  identified myself, he  began  “ Veera Raghavan, are you interested  in a car loan?

I am not Veera Raghavan but meera raghavendra rao, I said.

Oh, sorry, meera raghavan, I want to know….

I interrupted him saying I was not meera raghavan but  ……

Sorry  meera  raghavendran, I would like to know…..

Again I tried to correct him by saying he should first get my name right.

Sorry, meera rajendran, I would like to …..    

 Please  please, I am not meera rajendran but…..

Sorry again, meena raghunandan, I would like to ….

My gosh, that person  sounds crazy to me  and I have never known you  being patient with  such characters, remarked my husband  who was visibly  impatient  listening  to what I was saying.. Tell me, did he or didn’t  he get your full  name right  in the end ?he asked.

No he didn’t, on the other hand he had the temerity to say, “madam, how does it matter how I address you? don’t you think a car loan  is more important to you than your name?”

Perhaps he is right because as far as he is concerned, meeting his target that  is   set to him  by his company  is more important, quipped my husband  adding to my annoyance.


n.meera raghavendra rao 


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