Why are you throwing tantrums like a child? It’s unlike you to be moody like this, said my husband noticing me in one of my worst moods.

I have all the reasons in the world for the state I am in, I  rued.

But I am sure I am not one of the reasons, he said defensively.

No, not this time, I can assure you, I said.

Thank God for that, at least for once I have escaped being blamed, he said appearing relieved.

Then what’s your problem? Is it something where you need my help, he said sounding genuinely concerned.

No, I don’t think even “you” can do anything about it, I said, my voice trailing.

Why don’t you tell me what it is that’s bothering you? You seem to under estimate my capacity in solving problems. Come to think of it every problem has a solution. It depends on how you look at it, he reassured me.

Enough of your sermon, but this problem doesn’t appear to have a solution at all because it has to do with my Fans, I complained.

Then it’s something you should feel happy about… Naturally, writers like you are bound to have some Fans, he said sounding very pleased.

I have some loyal Friends as well, I said.

Consider yourself lucky that despite your candid writings you still have some friends left, he remarked.

But the trouble is both my “Fans” and “Friends” who follow me  faithfully and hover around me are actually  my “Foes”, out to settle on my skin, sting me  and suck my blood wherever I am, whatever I am doing , I said  feeling  frustrated.

Thank yourself   that there are loyalists atleast among mosquitoes, he said.

They are not loyalists but undesirable sycophants creating nuisance, I snapped.

n.meera raghavendra rao


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