A unique Get together

Did you have a nice time at the Get together in Hyderabad? asked my husband  who  knew that I was keen on attending the  event  got up  by my family to celebrate the silver wedding  of  a close relative.

It was wonderful! I said and you missed it, I added.

What’s so wonderful about these events? One is not different from the other, You eat, chat and disperse,  he commented.

You are wrong because for once “food” took a back seat and importance was given to entertainment, I said.

Did they screen a movie or stage a play? He asked.

Neither, because they are mundane and these things don’t need any effort on the part of the organizers, I said.

Then why don’t you tell me what was the event like?

It was a combination of tradition and modernity and the event was organized by all youngsters, I said.

What do youngsters   these days know about tradition, I wonder, he remarked.

Infact they seemed to know quite a lot. They chanted slokas from the Vedas  and also sang popular  songs suitable to the occasion. Besides there were a number of games which provided “food for thought “I said going into raptures    about the unique Get together.

Thank God, I didn’t  yield to your persuasion  to accompany you  for this Get together  you seem to think  so high of. I  feel “ appeasing the taste buds”  is more important  than  “appeasing the intellect”, he quipped.

 n.meera raghavendra rao


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