‘Visitors’ Day

Have there been any visitors today, asked my husband even as he was having dinner.

Well, yes, I had a couple of them, but they were not visitors, I said.

What do you mean by saying they are not “visitors”, he said perplexed.

Yes, they are not “visitors”, I reiterated.

Anyone who visits us is a visitor, he affirmed.

May be, but these two who came cannot certainly be called “visitors,” I said stressing on two.

O.K. Without trying my patience anymore, why don’t you tell me who this couple is? Anyone I know?  He asked.

Yes, you know them very well, in fact you are very fond of them, I said.

You mean Ganesh and his wife, he said. (Ganeshs were his best friends).

No, not the Ganeshs. By the way, when I said I had a couple of them   I didn’t mean a husband and wife, I said.

Probably they must be your friends, he stated.

No again, and I don’t have such young friends who are a quarter of my age, I said.

Instead of quizzing why don’t you come out with a proper   reply to a simple question I asked, he said sounding exasperated.

Well, until they came I didn’t realise there was such a day declared by the U.N.  I said.

Until who came and what day are you referring to, he asked puzzled.

Preethi and Shashank had come to greet us as today appears to be ‘Grandparents Day’. Both were rather disappointed not to find you home, I said.

That’s news to me too. Why do you say  that they are  not “visitors?” In fact , they are  indeed  our “annual visitors”.I think  the  Day  should be renamed as VISITORS’ DAY,  he exclaimed.  

I knew his disappointment in not meeting his grandchildren was even greater than it was for the youngsters.


n.meera raghavendra rao


One thought on “‘Visitors’ Day

  1. orrvee

    There is a saying: If your children (or grandchildren) are above 14, you should treat them as friends and not as children. So, when friends visit, you have a Visitors Day!

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