Those like thinking people

Probably it was by sheer coincidence that I came across all “like thinking people” in the course of a day.  My itinerary for the day was to attend a meeting which was scheduled at 9’0 clock at one of the five star hotels in the city.  As soon as  I packed off my husband with his packed lunch and saw him off  to  his college, I hopped into the waiting cab to reach the venue of my meeting. Seeing me huffing and puffing, the elderly cabbie turned round from his seat and asked, “amma, do you have a cook?” Though I felt the query was unwarranted, I said No, a little forcefully in order not to give in to his further probing. But I was wrong because he next said, “amma, you mean to say at your age you prepare food so early in the morning for your husband? ( obviously  he must have noticed my husband carrying his lunch bag)

I was quite  taken aback  the way he stressed on “ your” and coming from someone who appeared  at least 10 years  my senior, I thought I should give him a befitting reply. I said, “If you can drive at your age, I think I can still cook at my age” and there was total silence till  he dropped me.

I  next visited  a book shop to  pick up a copy of  the book I had written. The sales man’s curiousity probably was aroused when he saw my picture on the back cover because he said, “maam, did you write this book after you retired?”   

I didn’t bother to answer him.

I  walked into one of the reputed  showrooms  to pick up a trendy sari.  When I asked the salesman to  show me some,  he said, ‘ maam, is it for your daughter?’

I immediately made to the exit. 

Feeling like a deflated balloon I related the day’s happenings to my husband.

High time you heed my advice and  dye your hair, he suggested.

I thought for once he was not joking!


n.meera raghavendra rao       


One thought on “Those like thinking people

  1. orrvee

    About ageing, it again depends on how you feel about it. A person doing part-time work for me once said that she at 41 felt like quitting. I told her “look at me!’’. She is still working with a promotion. A 55-year old acquaintance suddenly burst out one day: “I feel like 16”! She really looks like a hospital matron!

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