The Funny Bone

How did   your Felicitation function go? asked my husband even as he was unwrapping  the memento  they had given me.

O.K. I said  in a lackluster  manner.

You don’t seem to sound very happy. What’s the matter?  He inquired.

Well, there were many surprises, I said.

Like what? he said.

First let me talk about the  pleasant ones. I  was introduced to the audience as a “specialist”  in humour writing  and that the  function was got up to felicitate  me on  the  completion of my  150th.Column  on a popular web site.

Then you should  be overwhelmed  with the tag  attached to  you  and feel  flattered that even  in these days  of tension filled life, you find  there are still some readers who not only appreciate humourous writing but  also think of  felicitating the writer, he observed.

It  was heartening to  hear a few of them say  they enjoy my column which makes them wear their thinking caps  in order to  comprehend  what  the writer is getting at, I said.

Is that supposed to be a compliment or a complaint? teased my husband.

I would rather take it as a compliment, I averred.

Then there were a few who wanted me to offer them some tips to appreciate and develop a sense of humour. They even asked me if I could suggest a short term course/books in this regard.  

Quite a tricky question. I wonder what you had to say to that.  

I had to be rather frank. I said if the “Funny bone” happens to be missing in some, it can’t be “transplanted.”

They must have laughed at your answer, observed my husband   laughing.

No, they didn’t see through my sarcasm. On the other hand they appeared disappointed and thought I was cynical,   I chuckled.   

 N.Meera Raghavendra Rao


2 thoughts on “The Funny Bone

  1. orrvee

    Funny bone metaphorically means a sense of humor. It has also a physiological meaning referring to a point near your elbow, where a nerve may be pressed against the bone to produce a tingling sensation. Maybe the missing nerve or the bone can be transplanted!

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