Roopa and my friends

Where is Roopa? Didn’t she accompany you to see the ‘Kolu’ in your friends’ houses, asked my husband who noticed me returning alone with half a dozen ‘thamboolam’ bags?

No, I couldn’t persuade Roopa to accompany me, I said feeling quite disgruntled at my granddaughter’s attitude.

What excuses did she come up with, said my husband who too sounded a little disappointed. The modern generation doesn’t seem to believe in anything that is traditional, he added.

I don’t think that’s the reason, I said.

Then she would have said she finds it boring, stepping in and out of half-a-dozen oldies’ houses just to see a ‘Kolu’ which probably looks almost identical, he said.

No, that too is not the reason. Do you remember she had most enthusiastically accompanied me last year and said she quite enjoyed meeting my friends?

May be, but why has she been reluctant this time, said my husband unable to understand the mood of the young girl.

You will be surprised if I tell you what Roopa thinks of some of my friends, I said, not feeling happy about the very thought.

What did the girl say, is it something very preposterous, said he, noticing my expression of displeasure.

She thinks they are real “kanjoosis” and “lazy bums”, I said.

What makes her think so?

It appears the badam milk shake that was offered by them was very diluted and hardly had any badam flavour. And the ‘sundal’ was also stale and soggy, the coconut having turned rancid making it unfit to eat. “Why can’t your friends give me something that is more palatable,” she had complained.

I think she has a point there. Probably, the older generation should take a lesson or two from the young, he quipped.

n.meera raghavendra rao


3 thoughts on “Roopa and my friends

  1. orrvee

    My grand daughter’s school in Bangalore is not over till Wednesday. She offered on the phone today that she will come on Thursday and help to put out the Kolu. I told her that the dolls are all put out, except they need to be arranged in some order. The bandmaster is standing between the Dasavatharam set, I told her. Once she is here, she will forget all about Kolu and go to play with her cousins!

  2. Navrathri festival is one that old and young enjoy at all times. In the locality that I used to live in Trivandrum as a child had lots of Tamil Brahmins who used to invite us to see their kolu dolls. Oh! how I miss the chundals. Today I have moved to another place in Trivandrum where they do not observe the festival with Kolu. I am sad for my 10 year old daughter who is missing all that.

  3. Vidhya

    I really enjoy the Navrathri festival. Setting up the Kolu, decorating the dolls, sundal and paysam is what makes Navrathri special. Besides, its the longest festive season of the year! However, I really think the essence of this festival lies in meeting people and small get togethers at home. I did not not know that some people actually serve sub- standard food to their guests! What is the point? I think its important to be good hosts so that our guests leave with a pleasant feeling and look forward to the next navrathri.

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