Original and Creative

I wonder if the Internet is a boon or a bane, remarked my husband even as he was correcting the answer papers of his students.

There is no doubt about it being a boon. We can not only lay our hands on any kind of information we seek within seconds but also use it in the right context. It saves so much of trouble, don’t you think? I asked.

Yes perhaps, but it involves a little intelligence and imagination of the user as well, don’t “you think?” he answered with a counter question.

That’s understood I suppose, I observed.

No, I don’t think it is , at least it is not apparent from these answer papers which just look like Xerox copies, he frowned.

You mean they all read alike? I queried.

Yes, with a slight difference of course, he laughed.

Then it means at least some students did exhibit some originality in thinking which must have reflected in their content,  I am happy about it,  I said.

No, I am not happy because it is not originality that is exhibited in their content but in committing mistakes in their grammar and syntax, and creating their own vocabulary, he rued.

Well, certainly they seem to possess originality and creativity, a unique combination indeed! I quipped tongue in cheek.

I couldn’t make out my husband’s reaction from his expression.

n.meera raghavendra rao


One thought on “Original and Creative

  1. V Raghavan

    Students read and rote from the same book or notes prepared by a senior. Alternatively, the lecture notes taken down by a conscientious student are copied for the benefit of others and circulated just before exams. In spite of this, the “originality and creativity” that they show should be appreciated! If it is a home assignment, all “originality and creativity” will disappear, as they all will be identical, like Xerox copies!

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