My Thematic Address

Our city is flooded with Service clubs of different shapes and sizes  and I felt “honoured  ’’when one such club  invited me to deliver the Thematic Address  at their District Conference. Let me share a secret as to how I came to be invited even though I am no celebrity  or a big name in the city. The person who suggested my name happens to be  a very close friend of mine and I didn’t have the heart to turn down her request.  The  conference started well past the scheduled time because  the Dignitary who invariably is  the Chief Guest at  the conference  of this level arrived late. Let me tell you ,incase   you thought  only  politicians enjoyed this  privilege  you are mistaken. 

I was received with due honours by the members of the Reception Committee  and  was requested to take my place on the dais. After the customary welcome  the meeting started  in right earnest with the announcement of Awards  to a few women achievers in their respective fields. Their profiles read like  cvs of  job  aspirants, running to pages and pages. I wondered why the  organizers didn’t think of presenting an abridged version.  It would have saved time and also wouldn’t have put the audience’s (most of them appeared to be more conversant with their mother tongue)    patience to test.   Suddenly  there was a departure  from the agenda, since  the Guest of Honour was in a hurry to leave. His request to  jump  the order was acceded  and he left after making  his speech.  Once the meeting resumed, it turned into a family function, beginning  with   honouring the hierarchy  which appeared never ending.  I sat twiddling my thumbs  till my name was  announced after what appeared an eternity, and  I  walked to the podium after my friend introduced me formally to the  audience, most of whom  by then had left the posh auditorium. One look at the rest  who  spread   themselves, a few  in each row  was enough to  dampen my spirits. Not to be cheesed off, I began my address  with a joke  and noticed noone even made an attempt to smile leave alone  burst into laughter!  Without much ado I  came straight to the theme that was given to me and   lo and behold, noticed  one of the office bearers coming close to me and whispering something into my ear. The  time allotted  for the Thematic Address  was drastically cut  by the orders of the Dignitary  and  I had to wind up  abruptly!

When I opened the neatly   packed  momento  after coming home, I  felt happy  at the  choice of   the person/persons who  picked up  such a precious  gift  and relieved that  for once my husband was not invited on the occasion.

 n.meera raghavendra rao   


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