Head to Foot

What, haven’t you purchased your walking shoes? enquired my husband noticing me coming home empty-handed.

No, nothing seems to have gone right with my shopping today, I rued. 

Do you mean to say there is a dearth of choice or is it that you found nothing suitable? said he looking surprised.

Well, it’s both. First of all there was very little choice as the size and shape of my feet seemed to be a problem. Coupled with that is my flat foot. When I fancied a pair which was not elegant but fitted me to a ‘T’ in one of those “made to order” shops, the salesman literally grabbed the pair from me saying it was made to order and therefore I cannot buy it. What he said next was more humiliating, I lamented.

What did the guy say? asked my husband giving me a pitiful look.

I asked him if he could make a similar pair for the lady who had placed the order and allow me to buy this pair as I needed them urgently.

No madam, I can’t do that and it’s not a lady who had ordered them but it was a man, he had said looking mockingly at my feet.

You could have just walked out of the shop without giving him a second look, said my husband in an attempt to console me.

Well, I did that but only after I gave him a piece of my mind, I said.

I hope you didn’t use any abusive language, he said sounding concerned.

You know I don’t do that. I only said he should learn to be more cordial towards his customers who are forced to patronize shops like his because of their foot problem.

I am sure the fellow would have detested you for your unsolicited advice, remarked my husband.

He said he had never come across a customer who had such “unwomanly and unshapely” feet as mine, I said still harbouring a punctured ego.

Now I see that you both have a common problem, said my husband hesitantly.

What do you mean by saying that? I hope you have a solution to offer as well, I said with an expectant look.

You seem to suffer from a “foot problem” and the guy seems to suffer from a “foot in his mouth” problem. I am afraid there are no easy solutions to either, he stated.

n.meera raghavendra rao


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