A “Day’’for apologies

How did you spend the day, asked my husband who had returned from his tour late in the evening.

To be honest, I didn’t like the way I spent the day. In fact, it’s the first time I did something I hated, I said.

Well, what did you do, he asked sounding concerned.

Apologize, apologize and apologize, I lamented.

Apologized to whom and for what, he said, lowering his voice, probably expecting me to confess something unpleasant that had occurred.

You know, I was having a long chat on the phone with three of our elderly relatives today, I said.

Did you say something to offend them which required you to apologize, he said.

Certainly not! And I had to apologize to all the three for no fault of mine, I said.

Why did you have to do that?

You see all of them were past 80 and quite hard of hearing. They couldn’t understand what exactly I was saying and what is worse, they had drawn their own conclusions imagining all that I have not said or meant. The result was I was at the receiving end of fours and sixes..   

But you could have repeated or explained to avoid being misunderstood, said my husband.

When I tried doing that, they asserted they heard me right. Since I couldn’t take their accusations lying down I said I gave them the benefit of doubt  considering their age but it only boomeranged!  Therefore to amend matters I had to apologize to each one of them, I rued.

My sympathies are really with you, comforted my husband. Well, don’t you think it’s high time we have an ‘Apologies Day’ as well to add to the different days created by the U.N?   he suggested.  For all we know when we reach “their” age history is bound to repeat itself, he added.

Yes, I agree but an ‘Apologies Day’ with a ‘difference’, I said.

What does that mean, he said raising an eyebrow.

I mean even then it would be “we” who would be apologizing, I said.

To whom?

To “our juniors” for “their” commissions and omissions, I chuckled.

May be you are right, he concurred with me for once.

n.meera raghavendra rao


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