The cup that satisfies

 I wonder whether you have had the experience of treating yourself to a good cup of coffee in any of the standard or Star hotels Chennai boasts of. I happened to do so on a few occasions this past year and let me share my unforgettable experience in each of them.

I offered to treat  a few  friends  of mine  to a snack followed by a good cup of coffee at one of the reputed Udupi  hotel chain  known for maintaining  its high  standards. Well, the snack part of it was nothing to complain but the coffee had lowered its standard  to such an extent that  we had  to literally gulp the diluted liquid down our throats considering the high price  that was charged!  When I shared my displeasure with the manager, he vowed that nothing has changed —“madam, it is the same filter coffee and it is prepared by the same person since 40 years”.

My experience at a 5 star hotel did not come with a price, as I didn’t have to pay for it.  The organizers of a conference  treated the guests post interactive  session to  a “High Tea”. ( I wonder why its not called a “High Coffee’’)The  samosas  were hot and fresh  but the coffee was a thorough dampener! Probably calling it High Tea and Low Coffee would be more appropriate in the circumstances, I thought.

Not one to be disheartened or not one to give up my penchant for a good cup of coffee I chose to try my luck at two different hotels in Mylapore. One is part of a chain and the other is a recently renovated Mess. Let me tell you, the first did care to maintain its quality (though not the price) and the second   did maintain both but lacked the ambience!


n.meera raghavendra rao


One thought on “The cup that satisfies

  1. Naresh

    My recommendation for the best coffee at Chennai would be the one served at any of the HOT CHIPS outlets. Last yr there was a poll conducted by Times of India and the coffee at HOT CHIPS was voted as the best in the town.

    True to the survey, I was never disappointed at the coffee served at HOT CHIPS.

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