My coffee experience

I  got quite excited seeing a new eatery come  up in our neighborhood and what attracted me  most  was the last items on the  menu which read “best  coffee  and  best tea”. Being  a lover of coffee, I headed straight to this little joint the very first day of its opening  expecting to be its first customer and to be served the best cup of coffee.

 Let me tell you how I love my coffee to be prepared.  The decoction   should be  prepared  either   in a coffee filter or a coffee maker with that just right amount of milk added, seeing to it that the slight bitter taste is retained to pep you up. The  coffee again should  be of the right temperature, neither    piping hot  which might  burn your lips or  luke warm which might dampen your spirits   but somewhere in between. Not having a chance to indulge in  such luxury too often as  a busy  multi tasking  housewife I naturally  felt the new eatery just a stone’s throw from my house was a real boon.

The  owner   extended a   hearty welcome  and  requested me to take my seat(a few chairs were placed on both sides of the eatery, on  the road side to be precise). Coffee or tea madam?  He asked.

Coffee please, I said  and waited eagerly to be served  a good cup of coffee inwardly wishing that it would comply with my specifications.

The coffee arrived in a jiffy, prepared right in front of my eyes—a spoonful of  instant coffee was mixed  to a glass of milk (the milk was kept boiling in a large vessel on the gas stove) to which a teaspoon of sugar was added . The helper extended the glass tumbler with a smile. The sight of the container was enough to put me off and the contents were not much to speak of. The only consolation was the price !

I  think it is  American etiquette  –to compliment the host  either on the container or the content or both (which is rare) but I thought it wise to follow “Indian etiquette” and complimented the owner  on the price!

n.meera raghavendra rao


4 thoughts on “My coffee experience

  1. Bharati Nair

    Maybe roadside eateries are not the way to go if you want filter coffee!They probably think that instant coffee is a more classy than the real thing. Anyway better luck next time and do keep experimenting and keeping us informed.

  2. orrvee

    The best coffee I have had is what my mother used to make. For the large family, she will make the thickest decoction I have ever seen. She will add a few drops of it to a full glass of milk to get the right brown color. Fortunately, my sister (who had learnt this from mother) still makes it this way! Incidentally, the second round of water added to the same filter will be used for serving coffee to the servants!

  3. Naresh

    Dear Aunty,

    Staying in Jaipur for the past one yr made me realize how much I miss the filter coffee that I used to savour at Chennai. With tall hopes of making filter-coffee myself here, I got myself a coffee filter from Chennai and to my disappointment couldn’t find filter-coffee powder here. Even big retail chains like the Big-Bazaars and Reliance Fresh stock only instant-coffee powder.

    My take on the best filter coffee ever would be when the already thick decoction is boiled to make it even thicker and then mixing it with the right quantity of milk and very less sugar.

    The slight bitter taste accompanied with enticing aroma makes me crave for it.


  4. meera rao

    Thanks Naresh for your comment. Thick decoction should not be boiled however much you may like it. I am sure big stores /chains will stock Brooke Bond Coffee (with chicory) which can almost match the taste of freshly brewed coffee powder. Try it and you will be happy that your coffee filter can be made good use of.

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