When old is attractive

As the saying  goes that  Like poles attract and unlike poles repel, similarly  you are attracted  by  anything that is new and  spurn at  whatever that is old—–be it  people  or things, so I thought till recently.  How naïve I was to believe “old is gold” has   become a cliché in this fast paced modern world and it is reconstructed as “if old is gold, new is platinum.’’ “Once bitten twice shy” might apply to persons who appear to be wiser than me and the really wise learn from others’ mistakes  but here I am  who seem to  be  making the same mistake again and again, infact I  have  achieved a hat trick and  a record of sorts.

 The incident has been the same but the venues have been different, Mylapore, Alwarpet and T.nagar  where  the most beautiful temples are situated.  All the venues have a place reserved for leaving your foot ware and you think they are indeed safe being deposited there. The irony is  the foot ware thieves who are on the  prowl  seem  to prefer to flick my old and weather beaten strap shoes (they are actually meant for men)  in preference to my husband’s new and gleaming slippers which are left adjacent to mine !  I am at a loss to find the reason as to what makes the thief gravitate towards my old foot ware left in the midst of several more attractive ones! 

 n.meera raghavendra rao


One thought on “When old is attractive

  1. orrvee

    If I may add: actually in science, unlike poles attract and like poles repel! May be, they are new thieves who are attracted to old footwear!!

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