The Chennai Terrorist is Caught!

I woke up this morning and couldn’t believe my ears when my husband announced “the terrorist is caught!” I jumped from my bed all excited and relieved and feeling quite triumphant for achieving the impossible!


Chennai terrorists are like unwelcome guests as they come uninvited and plant themselves in your house and never think of leaving at all. Probably it is easier to evict the inmates of Big Boss’s house if they don’t comply to the rules but it is next to impossible to evict a terrorist from your house especially if he is smarter than you think he is.  Our terrorist would   visit during the nocturnal hours and ransack my kitchen, perhaps to find some ready to eat food. Since he wouldn’t find any,(as all the instant stuff is stored in my fridge)he would tear open  sachets of wheat flour, tamarind,  semolina, etc and consume whatever he  fancied leaving  “proof” of his visit. I always wondered at the strong teeth the terrorist had!  Slowly  all my colourful  plastic  baskets/containers were eaten away  and soon the  bundle of  paper napkins, disposable  plates, cups, glasses and the like turned into  shreds  and were strewn all  over the kitchen.


All my attempts to trap the terrorist with the most alluring bait proved futile. The  delicious masala vadas and onion pakodas  couldn’t lure  the terrorist  to come anywhere near the metal  trap, the sight of which would have become too  familiar  to the  nocturnal visitor, I felt.


Lets change our strategy and  buy a new trap, suggested my husband and soon  a new wooden trap  took the place of the old one  and it  was  placed at a strategic point in the kitchen and lo and behold, the result  was immediate!

But the prisoner was not one to accept defeat and wanted to wreck vengeance–   he started biting the roof of the trap with all the strength he could muster to find an escape route.  I sighed not at his plight but at mine. A terrorist is caught alright but at what cost, I lamented and realized Chennai terrorists are more elusive than   thieves in Europe! I seemed to have achieved a pyrrhic victory after all!

 n.meera raghavendra rao  


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