How information leaks

How did the meeting of your women’s club go off?  Asked my husband.

Well, it was very interesting, both the topic and the speaker were good, I said.

What was the topic? He said.

I t may not interest you, I said.

This is the trouble with you women, you claim to know more about our interests than we ourselves do, he accused.

You know I had a very interesting conversation with the auto driver during the 15 minute ride, I said not minding his taunts.

Typical of you to pick up a conversation with absolute strangers, he laughed.

No, this time I didn’t volunteer. The driver wanted to know whether I was going to the club to play cards and his query took me absolutely by surprise,   I said.

What did you tell him?

I said I had better things to do.

He didn’t ask for your opinion, did he?

Well, not exactly, but I had to be frank as is my habit, I said a little guiltily.

You know what he said next was even more unexpected.                                           

“You know madam, I drop a lady every morning at this club and pick her up in the evening and drop her home.  There are days when she appears happy and days when she looks worried and tells me the reason for it.  You know today I have lost heavily,” she informs me without my asking.   

One day I will introduce you to her, the driver suggested   and since I didn’t know how to react I kept mum, I said.

Thank God, my husband sighed.

What is her name? I asked though I knew I wouldn’t get an answer.

You know what he said, “Madam, if I had asked her name, she would have handed me to the police, I am sure you too would do so if  I asked your name”, he mumbled.

Now are you going to wear your “investigative cap?” asked my husband concerned.

Who knows? I said and noticed my husband’s pallor change.

 n.meera raghavendra rao


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