Canine Psychology

How are you acquitting yourself in your new role as a counselor and peace-maker? asked my husband, more to provoke me rather than out of any genuine interest or concern at my plight. 

I knew he was referring to my new portfolio, that of a counsellor and peace maker thrust on me at the last residents’ meeting.

Well, my complaints box is getting filled up very fast. I am attending to them according to their priority. My job is not an easy one, you see, I said.

Here is a chance for you to test your proficiency in the subject you majored in and put it into practice. I remember your saying long ago that you scored very high marks in psychology in your degree course. 

My husband’s words of encouragement acted as a real boost to my flagging spirits.

Do you want me to help you in handling some of the complaints at least? Offered my husband, probably taking pity on me. 

Though I quite appreciated his show of concern, I felt I was capable of sorting them out myself and told him so.

O.K. that’s the right spirit, but tell me which are the complaints you are giving priority to? asked he, sounding very official.

Just for a change, I am looking into the ones made against the canines, I said.

What about them? I thought they mind their own business besides providing us security when the night security tend to doze off! he said.

No, the complaints are very amusing and also puzzling. Such things are bound to happen when you have pets and they are friendly with their tribe in the neighbourhood, I said.

You should feel happy that at least the pets are friendly with each other, observed my husband. 

There lies the hitch, because it has all to do with the equation people have with one another in the neighbourhood. If you have a dislike for someone owning a pet, it goes without saying that the dislike extends to their pet also, is it not? You expect your pet also to follow suit, don’t you? I explained.

No, I don’t understand the logic behind this. I still feel there is nothing wrong if the pets are friendly towards each other despite the unfriendly relationship their owners might have, he said.

That’s not all, on the other hand they want their pets to be friendly with their “friendly” neighbours’ pets, I said, (stressing the last three words) but they find their pets are not willing to obey.

Now you better learn something about canine psychology for a change before “counseling”  our  neighbours, suggested my husband. 

Now you seem to talk sense because the idea didn’t occuer to me, I said, feeling happy at my husband’s suggestion. 


N Meera Raghavendra Rao


One thought on “Canine Psychology

  1. orrvee

    Someone put the following question to his friends:

    Hi guys,

    Has anyone out there completed the Dog Psychology course (Home study) run by the Canine Behaviour Centre in Cumbria. I’m thinking about doing it, but wondered if anyone could give me any feedback.


    The four pages of answers received by Ali are sent by e-mail to the author. I have not read the answers. It is up to her to find out what she wants to do. Perhaps she can read the five-star answers first and decide.

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