The Birthday Party

Recently  I had the great honour of being invited to  a   party  thrown by  one of the leading lights of Chennai, a celebrity  of sorts.  The  occasion was her dear princess turning four. After thinking over for days   about   the right gift to a child of  that age,  I decided on a beautiful book  with lots and lots of illustrations  in multi colour. I didn’t mind the  exorbitant  price  considering that the gift should be in keeping with the status of my hostess. Lugging the huge  attractively wrapped packet,  I entered the sprawling bungalow  which  was brimming with activity  and the happy birthday song was being sung  in a  chorus  almost reaching a crescendo .

I looked around for the little princess in a party dress but found none even remotely resembling one.

The  whole scene appeared  rather strange when I managed to squeeze  myself  through the numerous guests to  catch sight of  the  heroine  of the evening. There she  was surrounded  by  her   friends, all  in spotless white and  lovely black eyes wagging their tails!

I  disappeared  as quietly as I entered  saving my gift for a  more suitable   recipient.

N. Meera Raghavendra Rao


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