My Interview on TV

I rushed to pick up the phone at the second ring as I was eagerly expecting some of the viewers to call me after they had watched my interview on the TV.

Congratulations, you were looking so nice in your purple saree, said my friend excitedly.

Thanks, how did you find the interview? I asked her though a little cheesed off.

I want to know whether it’s pure silk or silk cotton, she said without answering my question.

It is silk cotton, but tell me how you found the interview, I repeated.

Where did you pick up the saree from? went her next question.

Honestly, I don’t remember, it’s more than six or seven years since I purchased it, I said.

She rang off the next minute evincing no more interest.

Soon the phone rang again.

Congrats, I was so happy to see your programme, you were looking gorgeous, she said.

Nice to hear you say that. By the way, how did you like my answers, I asked expecting to get some feedback on the interview.

I was not paying much attention to what you were saying because all along I was admiring your choker, it looked so ethnic, she raved.

You know that I am a creative writer, I extend my creativity to designing my own jewellery as well, I said proudly.

No wonder it really appeared a rare piece, something out of the world, she said.

Thanks, I said and rang off.

Soon followed the third caller.

Excellent, I am so proud of you, she said full of enthusiasm. Even as I was expecting her to offer some feedback on my programme, her next words sounded like a damp squib. Meera, you should have crossed your legs as the interviewer had done, she said.

How was the interview, I asked eagerly.

Well, I thought you laughed a little too much, was her candid opinion.

Then the fourth called to say she watched the interview and found it very interesting.

I am glad you found it interesting, I said feeling happy that at least one viewer said she found the interview interesting and I told her so.

But, one thing was not clear. I didn’t understand the topic on which you were interviewed, she said in all seriousness.

But you said it was interesting, didn’t you? I asked.

Yes the programme was interesting to watch, she reiterated.

There were more than two dozen callers in a span of three days and the feedback I had got was more about my appearance, how old I looked, how many times I laughed, on the jewellery I wore and so on and hardly anything about the content of the programme.

A week passed and when the door bell rang the courier boy greeted me with a broad smile which I found was something very rare.

As he extended the receipt for me to sign after handing over the document, he said, Madam, I saw you on the TV and proudly told my people at home that it was Meera Madam. Since I don’t know much English I didn’t understand the conversation that was going on, he confessed albeit shyly.

I thought that was the best feedback I had got.


                        N Meera Raghavendra Rao


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