Celebrities at book launches

I had one look at the invitation and literally jumped in excitement. I t was for a Book Launch at one of the five star hotels in the city.  More than the venue what attracted me was the title  of the book—something very dear to women like me  who is   fond of the art  that  is the easiest way to   win “her”  man’s heart  who incidentally is my husband!  The airconditioned hall was jam packed, the audience constituting apart from who is who of society besides (surprisingly) some young ladies as well.  They were dressed in  the “most”  modern fashions  which made them look really really hep  and me looking   like a traditional “mami” with my  kanjeevaram sari and flowers in my hair, a contrast indeed!

The event started a little late, not surprisingly though. The reason being, more than half a dozen celebrities were lined up to talk about the book that was being launched. They all arrived one by one and were formally requested to take their seats, placed at the centre stage.

How can so many people launch a book?  Enquired my neighbour softly.

Probably they are here only to say something about their impressions of the book, and the chief guest would be arriving shortly I guess, I said.

My guess proved right because just then the name of the chief guest was announced and all eyes turned to the person walking up to the stage to launch the book. Clad in spotless white pajama-kurta, in his inimitable style he gave a bird’s eye view of the book and formally launched it to a standing ovation.

Then followed the introduction of the celebrities, who were said to be well versed in their respective field of work.The M.C. requested each one to say   a few words about the book. We waited eagerly to hear their impressions.   They all began by thanking the organizers   for being invited to such an important occasion and     thanked the author   for sending them a copy of her valuable book in advance.     What they  spoke  next  was all about  their  respective   field of activity  and not a word  was said  about the book  or its contents !

Why did the organizers have to invite these celebrities who may be artistes in their own right but seem to know nothing about   culinary art? remarked my neighbour. For all I know none of them would have entered the kitchen in their lives, she added.

Quite  true, but I am wondering  what they would all do with the  complimentary  copies of such an expensive book  which they don’t seem to have even browsed through, I quipped.

N Meera Raghavendra Rao


One thought on “Celebrities at book launches

  1. orrvee

    The best of culinary art does not come out of glossy books. My late wife’s grandmother wrote a book titled Annam Brahma. Some of the articles there appeared in Madras Mail long time ago. It has line drawings of Mysore Chakkuli and Kodbale. From the only printed copy available, we made several xerox copies and gave it to all in the wider circle of family and friends. Hopefully, I will find a way to send the royalty to the grandmother!

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