Who is a good doctor? 25/11/2015

Why don’t you consult Dr.X, he is a very good doctor, suggested my friend when I wanted to know who her family doctor was.

What is your definition of a good doctor? I said.

Well, someone who patiently listens to your complaint, tries to go into the root cause by asking questions /getting clarifications and prescribes minimum medication, she said.

You forgot to add something very important, I said..

What’s that? She asked raising  her eyebrow.

A good doctor also wishes to know if the patient is allergic to any medicine and how the person reacts to it, I explained  citing instances.

That’s understood, I guess, she  said.

It ‘s not always the case, I told her.

Then who is a good doctor according to you? She threw back the question at me.

A good doctor is one who possesses  medical acumen and is able to arrive at the right   diagnosis from the symptoms and prescribe treatment accordingly and  vary rarely you come across such a doctor, which again depends on your luck, I  said stressing on the last word.



3 thoughts on “Who is a good doctor? 25/11/2015

  1. V.N.K.Kumar

    I agree. Luck is essential to discover a knowledgeable (keeps in touch with the latest trends by reading journals), compassionate (is able to empathize with the patient) & concerned doctor (who listens attentively to the patient after asking proper questions).

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