Which is more disastrous? 14/12/2015

Chennaiites who have been complaining about lack of rains resulting in water problem have reached a stage where they should pray to the rain god to give them a respite from the disastrous effects of  incessant downpour and  save them from   vultures in human garb  who  pounce on genuine  help givers  to steal credit from them.  Listening to the pathetic stories of  a  handful of women working as household help in the neighbourhood  shows  what an uphill task it is for them to restart life all over again with all their belongings  including clothes  washed away in the rising waters. They are all praise for the NGOs  and the military for extending help but  said since they have to come away on work, they are not able to receive the same  when  the volunteers visit the area where they reside.

I wonder  which is more disastrous –fury of nature or  human greed  to earn  name and fame  in times of  crisis!

n.meeraraghavendra rao


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