Where is that good old Tea? 12/1/1015

There are certain things which I miss  today and one of them is a cup of  well   prepared  cup of tea. It is not difficult to get a good, ornamental  cup but certainly not the content .  Go to a restaurant  and order a cup of tea and you find it either too strong or too light or with too much milk added to it which takes away the flavor of tea. Try to pick up a packet of plain tea irrespective of the brand,  and you find all of them containing spices of different   kind which are not stomach friendly.

I am happy that Chennaiites have taken to drinking tea more these days but I am  wondering  whether they  are doing  so for   reasons of  health  or due to some other reason. But one thing I am sure of is their lack of knowledge as to how a cup of  GOOD   tea is prepared .

I feel the solution is  to open a joint just to sell  good    tea , no matter whether it is served in a cup or the traditional way   which is in  a stainless tumbler  and dubra.

Any one willing to join in my venture?

n.meera raghavendra rao


2 thoughts on “Where is that good old Tea? 12/1/1015

  1. V.N.K.Kumar

    Coffee has much more caffeine than tea. So the madrasis who are addicted to a lot of caffeine in every sip cannot be cajoled to switch over to tea. Then there is the little matter of taste & smell of coffee and the habit of savouring it right from childhood. These cannot be substituted by that insipid drink called tea! Personally I have never tasted coffee or tea in my life. My father told me to avoid these stimulants. But my wife was born into a coffee household and 3 years ago when the Gastroenterologist told her to avoid coffee because of her gastritis problem, she switched over to tea. She has not sipped coffee for 3 years now. Yet. Many a time when in restaurants she sees other patrons ordering coffee and sipping it with relish, she fondly talks about the pleasures of drinking coffee but firmly says ” No, that’s not for me”!!. That’s will power.

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