We  are ‘Americans’ 26/2/2015

In the U.S. nobody interferes with anybody, stated my friend who had recently returned  after a three month baby sitting stint   at her daughter’s place  . I don’t even know who  resides in  her  apartment complex, she added.

That’s  probably good in a sense , I agreed.

You know here  we have interfering neighbours and gossip mongers, she  rued.

May be, I said a little hesitantly.

You don’t seem to agree, she said  not too happy at my reaction.

Well, it all depends upon what you mean by  interference and gossip? I  said  looking straight  in her eye.

Oh,  you know in my apartment  whenever I  step out I  can’t escape the vigilant eye of  the old lady residing in my  opposite flat  who  is  a bundle of curiosity, she  complained.

You can always ignore her by pretending to be busy  and promising to catch up later, I suggested.

But the thing is she is also helpful , unlike the rest in the complex who are least bothered  even in times of emergency, she  admitted.

It means she did come to your aid  when you needed her help, I said  stressing  on did.

YES, both  morally and financially, she  confessed.

You should be happy that you have a good Samaritan in her, I  said.

She nodded  in reply.

I  feel you can count your blessing of  having  atleast ONE compassionate Indian  among a dozen  ‘American’ residents  in your posh apartment complex, I   asserted.

Probably you are right, she agreed.



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