Twin Rivalry 16/10/2015

While  watching a video on Twin Rivalry, I  pondered on  the thought as how rivalry  travels from the cradle to the grave  crossing  the seven stages in life as Shakespeare said in his poem ‘Seven stages of Man ‘(hope that’s the title). It also made me wonder why the poet/dramatist  refrained from  mentioning  women though he has portrayed them at their worst in plays like Macbeth  resulting in a guilty conscience as a consequence of the Lady Macbeth’s  ambition.

Well, the video proves the killer instinct and the resultant triumph of the stronger is what is required in today’s world of cut throat competition, but it also sends wrong signals to kids who are too young to know the value of love for their peers and fellow human beings. I wonder how such kids  behave when they grow up!!!

n.meera raghavendra rao


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