Treatment matters 16/4/2015

The other day  we asked our cab driver  to have a few letters couriered  and he returned   after nearly 15 minutes with a scowl.  I said whether   he had to wait for his turn to dispatch them and his reply amused me . ‘You know the   despatcher had  read the addresses on   the nearly dozen covers and  scoffed  saying ,OH, THEY ARE ALL LOCAL and took his own time to make an entry. I  got annoyed and told him he could send them to the U.S. and  have them returned if he so wished’ .

My husband and I admired him for his  ready wit and  retort .  Our admiration for him increased at what he said next, ‘ You know I pick up  my foot ware from Saravana stores because  the price is really  reasonable    and the salesman there treats all the customers   with the same  respect  irrespective of our status’ .

I  thought  the attitude of the person counts  as to how he /she  treats the  guest  in   today’s status ridden society  .I once remember a famous author who had visited Chennai saying  jocularly that people   in Chennai  first notice  the type of car  you  are alighting from  and  you are welcomed accordingly. Do I have to say more about our chennaites!  Let me add there are exceptions ofcourse to the rule!

n.meera raghavendra rao 


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