The real culprit 20/5/2015

I was travelling in an auto last evening and suddenly I noticed another  coming from our left  and    grazingthe auto  I was travelling in and  halting with a thud, all this happened in the midst of heavy traffic on the main road. Our auto driver turned to see the culprit and his initial annoyance turned into  tolerance  and  giving  advice  when he heard   the reason   his fellow driver  came out with. He  explained in the given situation he had to swerve    to avoid  his vehicle being hit by the driver of the posh car which suddenly came  along side.

‘Please  see and drive with more caution because if a vehicle is damaged, you can always repair it, but not if   someone   is injured  or something worse happens to him ‘.

I feel  this auto driver is worthy of emulation  for the care  he  has  for his fellow human beings  which is apparently  absent in the so called  people in power!

n.meeraraghavendra rao


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