The challenge 02/11/2015

I am not talking about the various challenges faced by our government, be it at the centre or the ruling party in states but the state of creative people like authors, artists, cartoonists and all the literary tribe whose creativity is being stifled by people in power.  Not too long ago we have seen an author who  wrote about the age old practice  about a certain community had to literally go into hiding to save his skin even as he took a tough decision not to write any more  which came as a disappointment to all his readers.

I donot know returning  the Sahitya Academy Awards  by the Awardees  is a wise thing or not but  what surprises me is  like flock  journalism, the trend seems to be  continuing   and  jokes  on the ‘issue’ increasing in the print media with apt captions to the delight of readers  who  appreciate humour and satire. I wonder  which tribe   will follow  next and return theawards  and titles received  and conferred  on them. Probably   a precedent should be set by politicians who have been conferred  honorary doctorates for reasons best known only  to them!

n.meeraraghavendra rao


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