How times have changed, I thought when I spotted some of my neighbours   gorging on   bondas Samosas  and bajjis   which probably constituted their evening tiffin. I wouldn’t have been surprised  if they belonged to   a younger age group   who  are   capable of    digesting   all the  unhealthy  fried stuff   which  normally  appeases   the  taste buds  irrespective of   one’s age. But when I  noticed the stuff being served straight from the fry pan, I  knew anyone would be tempted  to try it out, giving a goby to the consequences.

Well, the scene  that caught my attention  made me change my mind about street food which  I realized was no longer  patented  by the man on the street  alone!

n.meeraraghavendra rao


4 thoughts on “STREET FOOD  ON ELDAMS ROAD 1/7/2015

  1. Professor V Raghavan

    Reading your write-up, I feel tempted to try that long mirchi bajji. The consequences can be taken care of later with antacids, etc.!

  2. V.N.K.Kumar

    Long mirchi Bajji is delicious, followed by Batata vada ( Alu bonda) & Masala Vada. I eat all these at least once every 5 years or so!!

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