Slip of the tongue? 28/12/2015

As I was watching the video recording of my book launch, I realized I said something which I didn’t mean at all, which was not complimentary to the chief guest who had released my book. In retrospect, I regret for the faux pas I made. Sometimes spontaneous reactions and thinking on one’s feet  are not always welcome, because you end up  making a fool of yourself. I  consoled myself that I was not alone and even great speakers commit slips intended or unintended when I  happened to attend a talk on an icon recently. While  referring to the highest award the  icon  has received, he said the recipient well deserved it unlike the several  thugs who received the award  through the years and  went on to mention their names concluding with  the name of another icon which shocked the audience for including her in the category of thugs. I wondered  if it was a slip of the tongue on the speaker’s part or he really meant  what he said.

n.meera raghavendra rao


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