Sixth Birthday of 25/5/2015

How are you planning to celebrate your Blog’s sixth anniversary ? Asked my husband  on the birthday   eve.

I noticed the sarcasm  in his query because he was always very critical of Pet owners  having birthday bashes for their pets. Some went to the extent of engaging eventmanagers  and inviting a host of people on the occasion.

What’s wrong  in celebrating  my Blog’s birthday?  I am sure it warrants a celebration , especially when it has crossed 66ooo hits  for which I must thank my viewers, I  reasoned.

Well, go ahead but  make it a very memorable event, he encouraged.

Why don’t you suggest  something, I prompted.

Let’s  throw a party  at My favourite restaurant , he said.

And invite whom ? As far as I know just a handful of my viewers live in our city, I said.

Don’t you think that’s a blessing, he said.

In a way yes, I agreed.

Even among the few tell me how many post their comments on your posts? He wanted to know.

Hardly  a couple, I said   mentioning their names .

That’s even better. You can invite them for dinner to  mark the event, he said  sounding very  enthusiastic.

Let me think but  there is a hitch, I said  disappointed.

What is it ?he said all his enthusiasm disappearing.

You know, unfortunately your ‘ favourite  eating place’  doesn’t happen to be their favourite one, and   you refuse to eat   in any other  hotel, I lamented.

Aye, I  didn’t think of that. Then why don’t you suggest any other way of celebrating the event, he said.

Wait,he  added suddenly before I could  reply. I  just remembered    the  couple of names  you mentioned have  gone on a holiday and won’t be returning  in time for your Blog’s birthday, he  said smiling.

I thought   the Problem was  solved, but  did not feel  happy with his announcement and  said  ‘We  seem to be  back  where we started’.

Not to worry, all the more reason for us to dine at  MY  usual place, He said smiling.

Oh, not the same place again !I  said to myself.

n.meeraraghavendra rao


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