A  friend of mine  posted something very interesting  on Face book  which made me   watch the video   with rapt attention.  t was  a  singing competition  with a difference in that both the participants  needed no lyrics  for their performance.Their  full throated ‘concert’ was so well timed that the moment one stopped singing, the other took over trying  to match  the ‘raaaga’ and ‘taala’  of  the former and sometimes improvise  as well displaying  how creative one can be  when it comes to a competition.

Music is music  whether it  comprises mere sounds  which may be jarring to the ear  but it makes a difference when animals  try to display their talent  inspired by sounds made by small children. The video  comprising a dog and  a small child singing their hearts to glory was certainly a treat to watch!


n.meera raghavendra rao


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