Siblings, cousins, aunts and friends 2/6/2015

I am back again    writing on one of my  favourite topics which is relationships   and maintaining   them. It is often said Blood is thicker than Water which means  one’s  parents  and siblings  are assumed  to   bond well . But we see  it is not always the case . Next  come  first cousins  both from maternal and paternal side of the family. But  what  normally  happens is they all don’t bond well with the  same degree and the reasons could be many.  Similar is the case with one’s aunts , again both from the maternal and paternal side of the family. Some end up becoming    one’s’  favourite aunt ‘ for some reason or the other and    enjoys the ‘position’ for ever.

Now  coming to the core of  maintaining  any relationship   after  doing  some analysis, I have come to the conclusion, that the oft repeated  expression should be reversed : ‘ Water is  thicker than  blood’  and  its flow is always downwards, (unless artificially  pumped up)  be it from the clouds or  from Niagara!

Again, after   some study  on relationships I have  concluded   the weightage  given to friends and maintaining  friendships has become more important  than maintaining  relationship  with blood relations.

n.meeraraghavendra rao


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