Saving grace 11/9/2015

Among the various news channels in English, India Today  comes as a silver lining as it conforms to what our late President Dr.AbdulKalam advised  that there should be something positive said about our country. Unfortunately the press coverage by  foreign newspapers  about India is mostly negative and readers including Indians settled abroad gulp it readily. Our newspapers  too don’t seem to highlight the positive aspects, even if they do, they mostly have to do with statistics of proposed foreign investments in our country  which  are grossly exaggerated and any one in his right senses will  know he has to take it with a pinch of salt. In such a scenario It was heartening to find a boy  living in Australia who has his roots  inTamilnadu had won the spell bee contest, and this news item appeared in just one mainstream newspaper ,that too somewhere in an innocuous corner. The news  was flashed by India today news channel,the previous day.

Again , there are two Hindi serials aired on Sab channel which are a saving grace. They are ‘chidiyaghar’ and ‘Tharahtharah—‘ which deal with the pleasure of living in a joint family and  the importance of team spirit.

n.meeraraghavendra rao


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