Rush for Gold for the wrong reasons? 21/4/2015

I wonder if  all those who rush to invest in gold today  in order to multiply their prosperity give a thought  to  the reasons behind  why   AkshayaThrutia  became important . Legend goes that Goddess Lakshmi wanted the king named  —(not sure if it was Prajapathi )  to perform a Yaga  and that  he should donate the wealth She bestows on him to the poor in his kingdom. The practice  continued  ever since and it is believed   400 years agogoldsmiths in the North  would   extend their hospitality to some people and the latter in turn bought gold from them as a return gesture  for feeding them.   As all things in our tradition have got completely diluted , Akshaya Thruthiya also joined  in doing so  with the result  the roles  have reversed. Jewelers  are literally  making hay  when the sun is shining, especially  in Chennai  when they are opening their stores  at the dawn of the day  to lure customers  .In this scenario we have a  couple of  high end jewelers  opening branches  in the city inaugurated by celebrities   and having them as their brand Ambassadors notwithstanding  the ridiculous amounts paid to them to make their appearance just for a few moments. I wished  the  once leading lady  of the celluloid world had donned  the south Indian attire  like the   reigning celebrity did   befitting the occasion when the  magnum opus  in T.Nagar  was opened.



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