RG’S rise 4/5/2015

Will RG  rise like a phoenix  to  take us forward ?  asked  one  of  our relatives at a family get together  recently.

Quite likely, promptly answered  another who is a staunch supporter  of the oldest  political party.

But he seems to have completely misunderstood the advice being given by our P.M. about’ Make in India’ which  is meant   to attract  industrialists  abroad to invest in India and  manufacture  goods in order to benefit both, I said.

Perhaps you are right but  you forget that words can be interpreted to suit  the opposition which ever way they choose, butted in my son who is a student of Political Science.

Are you  planning  to join the youth wing of   RG?  I asked hesitantly.

May be, I will  after a time. My  decision depends  upon  whether he will rise like a phoenix  or  recede into the background  or disappear  once again .But let me tell you all, I will  go on a holiday to the same place he does for his ‘sabbatical’. By then I am sure I would graduate  and have an edge over him, he said proudly. I can also  discreetly keep track of  what he does when away from the country, he added.

You already seem to have decided  and I feel  you are  fit to be his advisor by the way you have studied  how politicians are adept at twisting words and interpreting their meanings, ’  stated  his father who was   listening to every word of his albeit with apprehension.

n.meeraraghavendra rao


2 thoughts on “RG’S rise 4/5/2015

  1. V Raghavan

    Just now heard on TV the defense minister Parikkar saying that India will buy war planes from France. For France, it is “Make (money) in India’!

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