The foreign and Indian media is full of news about the new CEO of Google, SundarPichai and  how he made it to the top position. What amuses me is true to the saying,’a prophet is last recognized at home’, people in this part of the country  wish to bask in reflected glory. Again his elevation, unlike it happens in our country has been purely on his competence and ability  coupled with an opportunity  he got to prove himself.  I feel he is the second person   as one of the newspapers  puts it  ‘LOW-kEY BIG GUN’ albeit with a difference, the first            APJ Abdulkalam  with  similar background  rose to the highest position in his own country  which  recognized his expertise and  commitment   coupled with humility, (which was something very very rare).

If  SundarPichai  had continued in India , probably he would have been conferred a‘PADMA SRI  late in life !



2 thoughts on “REFLECTED GLORY 14/8/2015

  1. V.N.K.Kumar

    Basking in reflected glory is better than complaining about ‘Brain drain’! You are right about local people not getting recognition until outsiders recognize them. Viz., Sir C.V.Raman, Sir M.Visvesvarayya were first recognized by England and then were conferred Bharat Ratna. Ditto Rabindranath Tagore & Satyajit Ray. Perhaps it is easier for the authority figures to take the decision once foreigners have set the precedent to avoid accusations of nepotism/favouritism.

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