No Selfie required 14/5/2015

The other day I  was  so touched  to  see   an old  friend of my husband   hugging him oblivious of  the half a dozen people  suddenly  turning their gaze  at the sight. It was obvious  that  the two have met after a long absence  and their delight  had to be seen to be believed.   They   tried their best to catch up  with lost time   unmindful of  the  seconds turning into minutes  which made  me lose count  of them.  Though  I was  a silent bystander,  I felt happy  at  their exuberance  which was  absolutely unmatched. Probably  the tech savvy would have immediately reached   for their selfie  to ‘stage manage  a shot’ which certainly would not have  had the same effect  as  that  of  someone  clicking the shot!

Talking about Selfies, I feel  they have  wiped  out  the spontaneous  expressions of  the warmth  and sincerity   friends and relatives  express  while  meeting after a long lapse of time   giving  place  to a lot  of   artificiality, a result of advancing technology  of course!

n.meeraraghavendra rao


One thought on “No Selfie required 14/5/2015

  1. Mangala Kandur

    I always appreciate your short and sweet articles which has a touch of humour Meera.
    These days why people are crazy about “Selfie”.about 2-3years back I took selfie of me and Cindy and posted in tell the truth,selfie never comes beautiful .

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