New Arrivals for Deepavali 28/10/2015

Navarathri   might be  over but certainly not navarathrikolus  in Mylapore  as the vendors  continue to display their collection occupying major part  of the road leading to Kapaleeshwar temple. However  it is always a pleasure standing and watching all those colourful dolls, big and small  notwithstanding the hassles involved.  It’s equally interesting to go shop hopping  for Deepavali which is just two weeks away.

The first shop  we chose to visit was Sundari Silks in T.Nagar and I found it was more exciting to watch people  around  than their  collection which needed to be updated. Some men were  baby sitting, rather patting them to sleep, others were carrying them and walking from one end of the shop to the other while their women folk were engaged in inspecting one sari after another and shoving them away as evidence of their disapproval. Nalli Silks, our next stop too  appeared quite behind the times as their new stock was yet to arrive. Then it was the Kumaran silks and one look at the  jostling crowds   was enough to put us off but we went ahead squeezing ourselves amidst them  to have a  look at their Deepavali collection and  were happy to see the shop could boast of some new arrivals for the festive season  suiting every budget and taste .



2 thoughts on “New Arrivals for Deepavali 28/10/2015

  1. V.N.K.Kumar

    I could visualize you wearing many hats in this scene. One obviously was that of a journalist giving a bulletin of what’s happening in the shop-hopping scenario on Deepavali eve at chennai. Another was that of a connoisseur & fastidious woman who is young enough to imagine herself draped in not just any saree but in sarees of the latest design. Still another, that of a compassionate woman pitying the sorry plight.of the husbands put in-charge of their infant children while their wives spend an inordinately long time making up their minds as to which saree to choose. Nice write-up.

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