My ‘kadai’ loses colour 29/5/2015

I noticed the’ kadai ‘ I use daily has turned black beyond redemption  and wanted to discard it but on second thoughts   decided to  shove it into  my kitchen cupboard  and give company to the half a dozen vessels  I ceased to use  for the same reason .

Mamma, why did you put it there, aren’t you going to use it anymore? Asked  my grand daughter  who sometimes used it to fry her favourite  potato curry.

Don’t you see it has turned black  and   lost its appeal, I reasoned.

Mamma,  do you mean to say everything that  has lost its  sheen  has to be discarded? She said  with a long face.

No, Smitha, I haven’t discarded  it totally, I  tried to explain.

But I am sure you will finally exchange it for something new , she  said in the same vein.

May be, but how come  you are so sentimental  least of all about a   ‘kadai’ ?  I said taken aback.

No, mamma, I am just wondering   something that has turned black can be polished and once again  regain its ‘colour’ but what can one do if one is born dark like me ? she  said full of  regret.

That set me thinking and I knew  the complexion one is born with is permanent despite all the claims whitening creams make but  wished to console he youngster  by saying’ Smitha ,Our dark skin is genetic  and remember  dark  people with good features are more attractive than fair  people who can boast only of their skin colour.

Probably what you say is true, she  said  after thinking hard.

n.meeraraghavendra rao


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