My decade old journey 17/10/2015

I had written my first book ‘MADRAS MOSAIC’  exactly a decade ago and happy to say it went into a reprint three months later. Now, my book ‘CHENNAI COLLAGE’ (a social satire like my debut publication )launched late October  this year  is being reprinted which is a kind of reassurance  to authors like me that there are still readers  who  enjoy humour-subtle  or wry. Chennai collage which happens to be  my seventh book in the genre of two others: Slice of Life  and  its Sequel, I must say I thoroughly enjoyed writing this slim volume though I had to race against time( Completed it in less than two months) in  order  to launch it during Madras Day celebrations in August. I   must thank  my adopted city and its people for inspiring me to soldier on with  my brand of humorous writing  and  the press coverage I received  for  this book.

n.meera raghavendra rao


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